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Rebuilding Lebanon’s heritage, one tile at a time.

Walking down the streets of Beirut, you can’t help but realize the massive masses of modern homes popping up on every corner. But the admiration of these homes feels empty and that leads us to question whatever happened to traditional home settings? The need for keeping our culture’s roots or traditions has seemed to fade

Visiting the after life of 10 spooky places in Lebanon

This Halloween, not everything spooky is all ghosts and goblins. Sometimes, the most spine-tingling of places are those that have been left behind by the living, completely emptying them of human interaction. We sat down with Ad Achkar, a visual artist, who explored this sense of emptiness in his project God Bless Our Home, a series

Yazan, The name behind Beirut’s Walls

In the past decade Street Art, (a.k.a the art formerly known as graffiti) has developed not only to lose its stigma as mere vandalism, but to become a practice that has been celebrated the world over. Street artists such as Banksy have helped raise the stakes and with the advent of social media, we have

Breakfast at Soussi’s

As Beirut slowly loses its culinary landmarks, meet the cousins who are passionate about keeping theirs alive. In a world where creativity and technology are available at the tip of our fingers, we are easily consumed with the term “new.” Due to its presence in our everyday lives we are often blind to what is

Irresistible Bali

7 Days on the Island. There are very few places in the world that embody so much beauty, culture and spirituality all at once; There are very few places that are able to quench your wanderlust in just one week. Bali was an exploration of the senses, completely disconnecting us from the world we left

Hello World!

The Irresistible Magazine by Al Rifai is at the beginning of a new journey – one that will hopefully take us to some far away places as well as just around the corner.   You see, we’re looking for stories that are just simply too irresistible not to talk about. The Irresistible Magazine will be