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ALRIFAI at Harrods

For Immediate Release Beirut, October 8, 2019 – Al Rifai Roastery, a leading Lebanese nut retailing company, today announced it opened an ALRIFAI® shop in shop at Harrods, the iconic Knightsbridge department store in London. This relationship marks the first time AL RIFAI branded snacks and its unrivaled assortment of premium dry roasted nuts and

Top 5 Must Visit Museums from Around the World

Part of discovering a city is getting to know its art. In fact, the artistic scene of any city is significant of how engaged its people are let alone its heritage. Museums tend to collect the most acclaimed artifacts into one place making it easier to study the cultural landscape of the city you’re visiting.

Ramadan Lights Around the World

Our lanterns are lit and the decorations are up! With Ramadan here, we get to enjoy a wondrous time of celebrations, family gatherings, and delicious Iftar dinners. To commemorate the occasion, Countries all over the world have taken this chance to bring some light to their cities and highlight the many joyous moments of this

Nesta, the face of Lebanon’s vibrant music scene

The music scene in lebanon is WORLD FAMOUS. if you’ve ever PARTIED IN ONE OF Its clubs, you must have heard of Nabih Esta otherwise know as nesta. he is one of the talented music producers, djs that is putting beirut on the Global clubbing map. we sat down with him and got a few insights of how his musical career

The First Printing Press of the Middle East

As you travel to the northern part of Lebanon, you’ll come across the Quzhaya Area in Zgharta. We heard that an amazing achievement for the Middle East lies within this village, and it was about time we got to the bottom of it. This lead us to discover the 700 year old printing press in the Monastery

The Tale of Beirut’s Historical Gates

You might not have heard of the fabled gates of Beirut that once separated the city from the other parts of the country. Believe it or not, they are not fables to begin with. there was a time where our lovely capital was protected and surrounded by a wall, which takes us on a journey into uncovering the

Cupid’s Plan for your Valentine’s Date

Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, you can’t help but get love-struck when you’ve been shot by one of cupid’s little arrows. Once you do, the entire world turns into roses, hearts, and stars. Soon, you’d be running around a week before Valentine’s trying to plan the perfect date for that special someone. However, there are

Say Cheese: Achrafieh’s Vintage Collection

a picture is what makes the world go round. the lovely urge to save our adventures and create memories is a feeling we all have in common. Yet some of us are more interested in the art than others. we’ve got many photography lovers and enthusiasts, but this time we have to make way for the photography nuts! whether

Snow has fallen: 5 Lebanese Getaways

Oh it’s cold outside! That could only mean one thing, the snow is finally here! It’s the season of skiing, fireplaces, and a whole tub of hot cocoa. If you are looking for a great weekend spot, then you know Lebanon has what you need. Whether you are in the mood for some culture and

Lebanon’s Festive Decorations Go Global

Lebanon has always kept everyone’s expectations high during the merry season of Christmas. With each passing year, the decorations always seem to outdo themselves and the numerous towns put up their yearly trees to give their names a little twinkle. 2016 is definitely living up to the Christmas cheer and festive decorations. Let’s have a look! Byblos