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Our Food Safety

Al Rifai has been working hard with farmers and growers to promote food safety across its supply chain.

Your Guide To Everything Coconut

we can’t get enough of coconut – It looks good, smells good and tastes even better. we went on a mission to find out all about this magical fruit and put together a guide on it’s different forms and benefits.   Coconut meat: For the snack lover Coconut meat is the heart of the fruit. It’s that white thick texture

6 Yummy Smoothies Made With Nuts

Summer is around the corner and we’re on the lookout for some refreshing drinks. What better way to start than with Smoothies. Not only are they delicious, but also healthy and make for a perfect breakfast or an afternoon snack (or a post-workout shake if you’re a gym addict). Now there is only one thing better

Nuts With Winter Superpowers

Whether you love it or hate it, we are in the middle of winter and we have no choice but to embrace it. It seems like the middle of winter is always the coldest – but let’s look at the bright side. It means we are one step closer to summer! However, with the recent

5 Cancer Fighting Ways to Eat Nuts

The fight against Cancer is endless and with no cure yet, we must live our lives in the healthiest way possible – taking as many precautions as we can. Of course, yearly exams and self-checking procedures are all recommended but if there is a step further you can take, shouldn’t you take it? Yep, we

Maca-Miracle: The delicious health benefits of Macadamia Nuts

For those of you who only eat macadamia if it’s in your cookies, we have a few facts that will make you re-think your snacking routine. We all know that nuts are super nutritious (especially Al Rifai ones, duh) but the ones we’ve discovered about our little Australian are too intense not to share. Just

Going nuts for a great cause

Donner Sang Compter encourages people to become heroes. Every day they work hard to promote and raise awareness about blood donation, so that we can all do our part in saving the lives of others. In addition to their blood drives and campaigns, the organization facilitates the process of finding blood donors for patients by

Green Almonds (or Loz Akhdar) & their delicious benefits

Do you smell that? The smell of fresh flowers blooming, fruits ripening, and the sun finally shining. Our favorite season of the year is finally upon us and we can’t wait for our faces to get their daily dose of vitamin D and our stomachs to be filled with the most delicious fruits of the