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For Every Camera A Story

Some encounters stay with you forever. Meeting Sarkis, a camera repairer has had a lasting impact, he is truly hard to forget. Sarkis Manoukian is a storyteller of his own for his craft is his greatest love. The memories it has created for him and the little victories that it has pinned on his chest

Be Still and Listen: Sofar Sounds Takes Beirut

It’s no secret that nothing compares to live music. There’s something so profound about listening to artists perform the music they’ve created live. Sofar Sounds is a periodic gig that gives all music lovers the opportunity to enjoy stripped down music in a very intimate setup. The initiative that was conceived in London is now

Top 5 Must Visit Museums from Around the World

Part of discovering a city is getting to know its art. In fact, the artistic scene of any city is significant of how engaged its people are let alone its heritage. Museums tend to collect the most acclaimed artifacts into one place making it easier to study the cultural landscape of the city you’re visiting.

Nesta, the face of Lebanon’s vibrant music scene

The music scene in lebanon is WORLD FAMOUS. if you’ve ever PARTIED IN ONE OF Its clubs, you must have heard of Nabih Esta otherwise know as nesta. he is one of the talented music producers, djs that is putting beirut on the Global clubbing map. we sat down with him and got a few insights of how his musical career

The First Printing Press of the Middle East

As you travel to the northern part of Lebanon, you’ll come across the Quzhaya Area in Zgharta. We heard that an amazing achievement for the Middle East lies within this village, and it was about time we got to the bottom of it. This lead us to discover the 700 year old printing press in the Monastery

Say Cheese: Achrafieh’s Vintage Collection

a picture is what makes the world go round. the lovely urge to save our adventures and create memories is a feeling we all have in common. Yet some of us are more interested in the art than others. we’ve got many photography lovers and enthusiasts, but this time we have to make way for the photography nuts! whether

Khalil Gibran – An Endless Tribute

There is something special that comes with poetry and its many spectacular artistic ways of the written word. A similar note could be said for the talents of Gibran Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese-American artist, poet, & writer. He was a key figure in a literary movement that completely changed Arabic literature in the first half of the twentieth century. As

Fayrouz: The Voice of Lebanon

Even if you weren’t Lebanese, you might have heard the name Fayrouz repeatedly. If you have noticed your friends or family changing their profile pictures on Facebook to include a frame of Lebanon’s beautiful symbol, then you are witnessing a newly appointed celebration of “Fayrouz Month”. Since her birthday falls on November 20, the entire

2000 Years of History: The National Museum of Beirut

Lebanon is booming with culture and whether you’re visiting its great city or currently living here, the National Museum of Beirut is definitely a must-visit. Even if you weren’t a history nut (NUT, get it?), this museum will give you an entirely new take on more than 100,000 ARTiFACTS that are available on display showing our country’s amazing treasures.

Beirut’s Little Bricks of Hope

If you’ve ever taken a stroll down the streets of beirut, you might have noticed some bizarre Legos in the Building cracks or pavements. If you also wondered who put them there, then join the club! It wasn’t until we found a little heart painted on the wall with the name Dispatch Beirut did we realize