Month: September 2016

Beirut’s Little Bricks of Hope

If you’ve ever taken a stroll down the streets of beirut, you might have noticed some bizarre Legos in the Building cracks or pavements. If you also wondered who put them there, then join the club! It wasn’t until we found a little heart painted on the wall with the name Dispatch Beirut did we realize

The Ancestors of our Ads

How sweet was it when those old jingles from television ads got stuck in our heads? We would sing along whenever our favorite ads came on, clap our little hands to the tune, or beam with excitement whenever Abou Fouad made an appearance. Yes, it is true that the good old days were great –

Maamoul: The Sweet Tradition of Eid

Adha, a Muslim Holiday celebrated around the world, is drawing closer, the families are flying in, the fireworks have begun, and the delicious smell of Mom’s homemade cooking brings a twinkle to our noses. What better way to enjoy this Eid than with a little taste of some Arabic sweets that you would definitely want

The Family that Kept Debes Alive: Al Qobba Press

Lebanon is a country famous for its tradition – whether you are in the mood for something in fashion, music or food, you can always have it. Now everyone knows that we are avid food lovers and always on the hunt for that perfect treat, we think we found it and you will love it