Month: August 2016

Beirut – Below Sea Level

There is a whole other world below the waters of Lebanon, and that’s where we are going! With our gear at the ready, we dive head first to explore the wonders of the ocean. Lebanon is known as the place to be if you want a diving area that is a bit “odd” – in a

Bringing Beirut’s Streets to Life

The city known for its vibrant night life, its wondrous history, and its amazing food is now taking on a new trend. Beirut comes to life by making a name for itself as a hub of street art. The, once rare, art scene is now booming in the heart of the city and adding a

Lebanon’s Road to Rio

Got your sun hats? Your sun block? What about that crazy attitude? Then here we go on the Road to Rio! This year the Olympics makes its way to the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro where you get your chance to mingle with the Cariocas. Whether you are catching a plane to the event