Month: July 2016

Discover the Islands of Northern Lebanon

Is your desktop background a wallpaper with white sandy beaches and palm trees? Ever dreamed of escaping to that same island? So did we! So buckle up, we’re off to the North! Yes, you’ve read that right! The North of Lebanon, just off the coast of Tripoli is actually home to wonderful little islands called

Our Little Summer Coup De Coeur

One of the great things of spending your summer traveling and exploring is that you get to discover beautiful places that are truly breathtaking! This time, we went to the north of lebanon, direction Batroun and we didn’t stop there. You guessed it, there’s this one little village located between Chekka-El Hereh and Tripoli: Anfeh.

Your Easy guide to nutty deliciousness

Lots and lots of wonderful desserts depend on a creamy, melting texture that takes your taste buds to another level.  But then again, there’s this one ingredient that we can’t get enough of and that you can add to your desserts for the perfect flavor: nuts, our infinite love! So gather up those Al Rifai

How The World Celebrates Eid

Eid Mubarak, Ikhtar Mubarak, Ciid Wanaagsary, or Iyi Bayrambar, It doesn’t matter in which language you say it, the world is celebrating! the perfect conclusion to the Holy month of Ramadan is uniting all muslims in different ways and traditions to welcome the celebrations of Eid il Fitr. Now that the three-day holiday is upon