Month: February 2016

5 Nuts That Can Help You Get In Shape

With March creeping up faster than ever, it’s time to hang up our “roomy” winter sweater that so generously allowed us to eat our way through the winter season. While that spacious sweater of yours may have covered your appearance, your spring clothes won’t be as generous. Yes, cue the panicking faces and rise of

The Vintage Jewel of Mar Mikhael

We don’t know about you, but it was definitely one of our favorite past times as a child to rummage through our mom’s closet and try on her heels, her lavish pearls, and of course put on an obscene amount of lipstick, nowhere near our lips. You know all the makings of a lavish 5-year-old

Valentine’s Bites To Fall In Love With

There are some holidays that are meant to be celebrated all month long. For example, Christmas is only one day in December but the joy and spirit of it is celebrated all month long. Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated to that extent you just feel like the entire month of February is oozing with

Hitting a High Note: Mayni Music

Music is what makes our day brighter and can have a huge positive impact on a person’s life. The tones and notes of each song or instrument you hear automatically can send positive vibes to your brain, which instantly put you in a better mood. Face it, if you’re having a rough day at work