Month: December 2015

New Year’s Traditions That Aren’t Resolutions

Now that the merry days of Christmas are over, the holiday blues have slowly kicked in. Well, not in it’s entirety since we still are feeling festive for the New Year! Yes, put aside your gift lists and make way for the resolutions list. Let’s face it, every year we go through the same thing

The Local Tree Making Global Headlines

We are two days away from what seems like the happiest day of the year. No, we’re not talking about international Nut Day, (we mean, who isn’t happy on that day?) but we are talking about Christmas! The only holiday that keeps you in a good mood the entire month is finally here and we

5 Places Where Christmas Lives

The official countdown to Christmas has officially started and we are so decked out in holiday spirit, we just might explode. Baking non-stop in the kitchen, watching what seems to be a never-ending list of holiday movies, and crossing off everyone on our holiday list. Sometimes the holidays come and go so quickly that we

8 things you thought you knew about Christmas

A little over 2 weeks until Christmas and we can’t stop singing Christmas carols, staring at the blinking lights on our trees and wearing what seems like the ugliest Christmas sweaters in the world – all with the biggest smile. Something about the ambiance of the month of December makes the most stressful of times


We can speak for almost everyone when we say that December 25th isn’t the only day Christmas is celebrated. As soon as you cross off November 30th from your calendar the trees come out, stockings get hung, and the feeling of Christmas starts all month long. The month of December is considered one of the