Month: November 2015

Uncovering the treasures of Milan

What do you get when you have a travel enthusiast, an obsessed writer, and an extreme lover of pizza? Well, the obvious – you have yourself a trip to Milan, Italy. A trip to (eat)aly?! We’re surprised we hadn’t thought of this earlier. With a city filled with gorgeous architecture, culture, and even more delicious

The Everlasting Legend of the Cedar

As we slowly approach the 22 of November, also known as our beloved nation’s birthday, our inner Lebanese glow seems to be shining a little brighter. But in light of the recent unfortunate events, it seems to be also shining a little bolder too. With that in mind, we thought it would be extremely fitting

The Perfect Laham Bi Ajeen: Ichkhanian Bakery

Almost anywhere you go in Beirut you can easily spot (or smell) a small bakery, or forn, cooking up the most delicious aromas – whether it’s cheese mana’eesh or meat pies (Laham bi Ajeen), you can’t help but get drawn in by the delicious smell and walk in. With that being said it’s obvious that

Saving The Palace of Beirut

Lebanon is a history book in itself. The country is so full of culture that buildings and monuments can tell an extensive tale better than any textbook can. Which is why we adore our beloved country. In a country where lavish buildings are being built by which seems like the minute – it’s always an