Month: September 2015

The recipe that will make you fall for fall

As we steadily approach the month of October we start to embrace the fall with open arms. By open arms we mean: the time to wear sweaters that allow us to eat more without really showing the extra kilos! Fall goes hand in hand with so many delicious ingredients that immediately warm our hearts (and

The Foodie’s Survival Guide to Adha

Eid Al Adha is a time to spend with loved ones and family, but inevitably time spent with family also means time spent with FOOD. It’s the holiday that keeps our hearts full and our stomachs even fuller. As much as we love the spiritual feeling the holiday gives, we know quite well it can

Up, Up and Away: Life from the Teleferique

So much of beautiful Lebanon to see, but so little time. Without a doubt Lebanon is a true sight for sore eyes when it comes to its architectural beauty all the way to its undeniably breathtaking scenery. Although Lebanon is our home base we sometimes find ourselves too busy to take the time to appreciate

The Beirut Art Affair

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” Never has it been so true as it is in Lebanon. With all the ongoing political and social struggles we face today, art is more important than ever as a release. It is a way for us to find

Maca-Miracle: The delicious health benefits of Macadamia Nuts

For those of you who only eat macadamia if it’s in your cookies, we have a few facts that will make you re-think your snacking routine. We all know that nuts are super nutritious (especially Al Rifai ones, duh) but the ones we’ve discovered about our little Australian are too intense not to share. Just