Month: July 2015

Going nuts for a great cause

Donner Sang Compter encourages people to become heroes. Every day they work hard to promote and raise awareness about blood donation, so that we can all do our part in saving the lives of others. In addition to their blood drives and campaigns, the organization facilitates the process of finding blood donors for patients by

Time Box: The 21st Century Time Machine

If you were like us as a kid, then you and your friends were obsessed with building a time machine. Only your time machine was made from cardboard boxes piled up together, and if you got really creative you would paint yours silver to make it look like as futuristic as possible. Yep, been there

Fall in love with Armenia in 3 Days

With Eid just around the corner, will you be celebrating at home, or will you be jetting off for a mid-summer break? If you’re thinking of traveling, with just 3 days to make the most of it, finding the perfect mini-adventure is no mean feat. So we got to thinking – where can we go

Ramadan Around the World

There are many aspects of Ramadan that are truly beautiful. Whether it’s the art of giving, fasting, or helping those in need, it seems like at every turn there is always a little extra sparkle wherever you go. Although we’re sure that sparkle may come from the thankful feeling you get from Ramadan – we