Month: June 2015

The Fourth Wonder of Nature

4 hours to Paris, then another 12 to Sao Paulo getting to Paraguay is a long journey. after 12 hours of waiting, we boarded the flight to Ciudad Del Este. The city is located at the triple border with the Brazilian city Foz do Iguaçu and Argentinean city Puerto Iguazu, and is only minutes away

The World’s Tastiest Sandwich: Shawarma Joseph

On our never ending food journey we’ve made a list of must try’s and somewhere on the top of that list is a little gem that just won a not-so-little award. If you are a foodie like us and keep up with current events, then you know that our beloved Beirut brought home a worldwide

Beirut, as you’ve never seen it before

Have you ever asked yourself why you adore Beirut so much? We are firm believers that each person has their own reason for their strong connection toward our beloved city. Whether it’s the food, family ties, architecture, or just the atmosphere there is always something that sucks you back in if you ever try to