Month: May 2015

AlRifai brings the Flap Display back to the airport

If you don’t know by now our sole mission in life is to revive the old and try to keep it alive and going. Well not our sole mission, but we do enjoy bringing back ideas and concepts that were left behind in the crazy rollercoaster we call advanced technology. This week we are proud

Falafel Sahyoun: The Original Lebanese Street Food

If someone asked you which traditional Lebanese food is one of the oldest, what would you say? We’ll give you a hint: it’s brown, with herbs that you can smell from a mile away, round and fried to perfection. If you haven’t guessed yet, you can bet we’re talking about the ever-so-mouthwatering Falafel. Even though

60 Years & Still Swimming: Sporting Beach Club

If there’s one thing that suits Beirut best, it’s summertime and all the accessories that come with the season. Tan lines, beach waves, and the long enduring sunsets…we can’t help but get excited about what’s in store in the upcoming months. Clearly we aren’t the only ones that are super-enthusiastic about the summer festivities; one

Green Almonds (or Loz Akhdar) & their delicious benefits

Do you smell that? The smell of fresh flowers blooming, fruits ripening, and the sun finally shining. Our favorite season of the year is finally upon us and we can’t wait for our faces to get their daily dose of vitamin D and our stomachs to be filled with the most delicious fruits of the