Month: February 2015


Hidden culinary gems are commonplace in cities like London or New York. In the vast landscape of streets and avenues, it’s easy to stumble on a restaurant you’ve never heard of and be amazed by its unexpected menu. However, in Beirut, being a city that could probably fit into a neighborhood in any of the world’s

Move over H2O, Coconut Water is here to hydrate

Whether it’s coconut flavored ice cream, coconut water, or just the plain fruit, we can’t seem to get enough of it! The delicious smell has us craving summer and with the launch of the new Al Rifai coconut water, it helps quench our thirst for happier times. Aside from the cool packaging we knew there

From Hollywood to Roses: The Strange Journey of Takkoush Flowers

The day of love is finally approaching; of course we are talking about none other than Valentine’s Day. Whether cupid shot you with his arrow and made you a fan of the holiday or you avoid every red object in sight, you can’t help but sense love in the air. With emotions about the holiday

The Real Page Turner – Discover the Rare Books of Beirut

It’s said that knowledge is power – and the best way to sustain knowledge is through books. To some of our millennial readers – we’re referring to actual books – you know the one with the front and back cover and the tangible pages – not to be confused with your iPad or Nook. Only a