Month: January 2015

The historic Barber Shops of Basta – Will they make the Cut?

Looking your best is one of the main concerns – actually let me rephrase that – a main concern, the Lebanese have. It’s just in our nature to have our hair in perfect shape and our nails freshly manicured. Keeping up with style trends and different hairstyles is something that used to be of an

Frozen in time: Bouza Mitri, 65 years of ice cream perfection

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Lebanon can definitely offer up some delicacies that satisfy it. Baklawa, sfouf, halawet jeben, ashtaliyye…the choices are endless. But when it comes to ice cream, people are more likely to think of the Italians than they are of the Lebanese. That’s probably because people haven’t heard of the late

Raising the Curtain on Metro Al Madina

Beirut has always had a vibrant theatre and music culture. Throughout the decades, the city continually set the benchmark for artistic expression in the Middle East, attracting artists and audiences from around the region. It’s had its ups and downs though – what was once a mainstream activity slowly became one for a niche crowd.

The Ultimate Disconnect: Irresistible Sri Lanka

With January upon us, and work officially back in business, routines are harder than ever to establish as we long and daydream about our holiday break. Let’s just say ours was a lot harder to say goodbye too. We traded a traditional New Year countdown for a week of sightseeing, tea factories, and whole lot