Month: December 2014

7 tips for a succesful New Year’s resolution

New Years resolutions- let’s be honest, we all make them, but rarely ever keep them. Something about the New Year triggers the need to better us in every aspect. The idea of bettering ourselves is great- but making them habits is even greater. We’ve narrowed down the best tips and tricks to help motivate and

The Making of a Magical Christmas: Going behind the scenes with the Nutcracker

We just love Christmas. No matter what, for the festive season, things just become a little bit brighter, better and, dare we say…magical. Our streets are filled with twinkling lights, Christmas trees peek out from windows across the country and Christmas carols invade our radio stations. It’s all just one big happy joyous time. But

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – especially at Al Rifai!

The month of December is finally upon us. The time of year where the air is filled with the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire and everyone seems to be in a much happier mood. Whether the joy is due to the upcoming vacation days from work or the holiday spirit, we’ll leave

6 Strange but fun Christmas Traditions from Around the World

There are certain symbols, traditions, and customs that immediately come to mind when you think of Christmas. Take for example sleigh bells, snow, stockings, trees and presents – all typical. But, how about a cat that will eat you or a religious roller-skater? Suddenly, those things don’t sound too Christmassy do they? Then again, if you